Auditory Integration Training and Autism Ranking: Insufficient/Mixed evidence

Risks and Safety


The Bérard Method

There are some reports of damage to hearing due to volume and sound pressure when using the Audiokinetron during AIT.  This machine was disallowed for import by the USA Food and Drug Administration because of concerns about safety.

The proponents of sound therapies have stated that these concerns are groundless. For example, Lucker (1998) stated that “... when typical use settings were employed for each machine, maximum output levels were reduced significantly. These lower output peaks are felt to be within acceptable risk levels.”


There are some contraindications (something which makes a particular treatment or procedure potentially inadvisable) for AIT but different suppliers provide different information about those contraindications. For example, according to the Bérard AIT website, accessed on 8 March 2019, children under 3 are not suitable for treatment.

According to the Listen Well website, accessed on 8 March 2019, “For some people (like people with epilepsy or tinnitus), auditory stimulation is not advisable, and should only be done under strict supervision of an expert”.

We therefore suggest that no-one should undertake any form of AIT without first consulting an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.  We also suggest that individuals with contraindications, such as hearing loss, infections, ear wax or damage to the inner ears, should not be treated with AIT.

16 Jun 2022
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01 Jul 2019
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