Issues, Problems and Challenges

Man sitting on a sofa Autistic people face many issues, including some problems and some challenges, on a day to day basis.

For example, they may find it difficult to communicate with other people or to socialise with them. And they may have additional conditions, such as epilepsy or gastro-intestinal problems, which bring their own issues.

Or they may simply feel frustrated at trying to cope with other people's ignorance and prejudice about autism and what it actually means.

Relatives and carers of autistic people also face many issues, and some problems, on a day to day basis.

For example, many of them become worried and exhausted looking after someone with autism. And they face the frustration of trying to find accurate information about interventions which work. Or of trying to cope with the lack of adequate services.

So it is important that autistic people and their carers can find interventions - treatments, therapies and services - that will help.

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16 Jun 2022