Complementary and alternative therapies for autism spectrum disorder.

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Natascia Brondino, Laura Fusar-Poli, Matteo Rocchetti, Umberto Provenzani, Francesco Barale, Pierluigi Politi
Complementary and alternative therapies for autism spectrum disorder.
Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
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Acupuncture, Auditory Integration Training, Autism, Biomedical, Botanicals, Camel Milk, Carnosine, Casein, Chelation, Chiropractic, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Creative / Expressive, Dance Movement Therapy, Dietary Supplements, Diets, Digestive Enzymes, Dramatherapy, Gluten, Hyperbaric Therapy, Intervention, Ketogenic Diet, Massage, Medical Procedure, Motor-Sensory Intervention, Music Therapy, Omega-3, Pet Therapy, Probiotics, Sensory Integrative Therapy, Tetrahydrobiopterin, Traditional Chinese Medicine

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