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Information Autism

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Information Autism website at www.informationautism.org

Information Autism replaces Research Autism. It provides impartial, scientifically accurate and accessible information on autism and interventions designed to help autistic people. It is aimed at anyone with an interest in autism, including autistic people, families, parents and carers, professionals, researchers, service providers, policy makers and the mainstream media. 

The Information Autism website follows the NHS Standard for creating health content https://service-manual.nhs.uk/content/standard-for-creating-health-content The Standard outlines essential requirements and best practice guidance for creating high quality health content. It's designed for any organisation that produces health and care information. 

The Information Autism website is owned by the John and Lorna Wing Foundation, registered as a charity in England and Wales (1156443),  www.johnandlornawingfoundation.org  The website is run by the same team that previously ran the Research Autism website. 

The earlier version of the website was one of the activities of the charity Research Autism, which closed in 2017. At that time the National Autistic Society took on the website, and has now handed it onto the John and Lorna Wing Foundation. 

If you followed Research Autism on Twitter @ResearchAutism you may like to follow @InformAutism, which provides updates about the website and related issues. Please note that we do not have any other social media accounts. 

Please spread the word. If you know of anybody else who might be interested in the website, please let them know it’s there. If you have any comments or questions about the site, please do get in touch via info@informationautism.org  

Email: info@informationautism.org Website: www.informationautism.org Twitter @InformAutism

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15 Jun 2022