Other Interventions for Autism



This page provides links to information about some of the other interventions commonly used to help autistic individuals.


Determining the benefits of most other interventions for autistic people  is not currently possible. We must wait for further research of sufficiently high quality to be completed. However, there is evidence that some equine-assisted therapies may provide some benefits to some autistic people.


Some risks are associated some other interventions, such as  animal-based activities and therapies. For example, the risks of injury to humans are largely as a result of unpredicted animal behaviour, and these risks can be minimised through properly researched and correctly implemented programmes. The risks to animals are largely the result of poor animal welfare so vigilance is required to ensure that appropriate standards are maintained.

Animal-Assisted Activities and Therapies

Animal-assisted activities are a group of interventions in which animals and their handlers interact with one or more people for comfort or recreation.

Animal therapies (also known as pet therapy) are a group interventions which use a more formal, structured set of sessions to help people reach specific goals in their treatment.

In practice, all animal-assisted activities or therapies involve people interacting with animals in one form or another. For example, an autistic person may use an assistance dog, swim with or touch dolphins, learn to ride and groom a horse, or keep a pet hamster.

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The Built Environment

The built environment is sometimes defined as the human-made space in which people live, work, and undertake leisure activities on a day-to-day basis.

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Politics and PR

Interventions which seek to influence other people and change society.

These interventions include advocacy and self advocacy: autism awareness training: politics/lobbying

Self Help

A number of interventions based around autistic people helping each other.

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