This section contains links to other websites which contain information about autism and related issues.

In some cases the information on those other websites may be scientifically invalid and unreliable.We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for the sites we link to or the information found there. A link does not imply an endorsement of a site. Likewise, not linking to a site does not imply lack of endorsement.

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  • AT-Autism

    AT-Autism is a training and consultancy organisation dealing with all aspects of autism and related neurodevelopmental conditions. It offers specialist advice and support to individuals, families, professionals and organisations in the UK and internationally.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder Association

    US site covering treatments, research family and many more issues involving Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder Links Project

    US portal, providing links to a wide range of other websites on ADHD.
  • Australian Physiotherapy Association

    Professional body which represents the interests of Australian physiotherapists and their patients.

  • Australian Rett Syndrome Study

    Established to set up a facility for population-based Rett syndrome research in Australia.
  • AutiNet Forum

    International electronic list discussing all aspects of autism and developmental disorders, but especially high-functioning autism (HFA) and Asperger syndrome

  • Autism Acceptance Project

    Canadian organisation which is dedicated to promoting acceptance of and accommodations for autistic people in society.
  • Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia

    Advocacy organisation for people with autism spectrum disorders which aims to provide a voice on a national and a state and territory level for individuals and groups across Australia
  • Autism Centre

    UK company which provides autism rehabilitation therapy, a form of sensory intergration training based on the ideas of Carl Delacato.
  • Autism Centre at Sheffield Hallam University

    The Centre is an evolving and developing organisation dedicated to enabling people with autistic spectrum disorders, parents, families and professionals to access information about the autistic spectrum.

  • Autism Education Trust

    UK charity which aims to create a platform for voluntary, independent and statutory providers to plan and develop appropriate autism education provision across all education settings, including early years.
  • Autism Europe

    International association whose main objective is to advance the rights of persons with autism and their families and to help them improve their quality of life.
  • Autism Genetic Resource Exchange

    The Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE) is a research program for families who have two or more children on the autism spectrum. AGRE gathers DNA, clinical, and medical information from families throughout the United States, making it the world's first collaborative resource for autism research worldwide.
  • Autism Help Guide

    Section of the Helpguide website on autism. Helpguide, a US non for profit organisation, aims to provide mental health information you can trust.
  • Autism Independent UK

    UK charity which aims to increase awareness of autism, together with well established and newly developed approaches in the diagnosis, assessment, education and treatment
  • Autism National Committee

    Autism advocacy organisation which aims to protect and advance the human rights and civil rights of all persons with autism, pervasive developmental disorder, and related differences of communication and behavior
  • Autism Network International

    US-based self-help and advocacy organisation for people with autism.
  • Autism NI (PAPA)

    Northern Irish not-for-profit organisation which provides a range of services to people with autism.
  • Autism Partnership

    UK non-profit company, limited by guarantee, which provides a range of services for children and their families, as well as training for professionals who are involved in the treatment and education of children with autism.
  • Autism Research Centre

    UK academic centre which aims to understand the biomedical causes of autism spectrum conditions, and develop new and validated methods for assessment and intervention.