Publications on or for Autistic Adults

This page lists some publications about autistic adults, some of them specific to policy and services within the UK.

For a more comprehensive list of publications on autistic adults, inc. research studies, please see our Publications Database

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Please note that we are unable to supply publications unless we are listed as the publisher. However, if you are a UK resident you may be able to obtain them from your local public library, your college library or direct from the publisher.


  • Research Autism (2016) What You Need Know About Adults on the Autism Spectrum  London: Research Autism. 
  • Ignored or ineligible? The reality for adults with autism spectrum disorders. (2001). London: National Autistic Society. 

About Autism

  • Asperger's syndrome for dummies. (2010). Gomez de la Cuesta, C. and Mason, J. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons.
  • Essential Guide to Adults on the Autism Spectrum. (2016). London: Research Autism.
  • What is Asperger syndrome? [2015?]. London: National Autistic Society. 
  • What is autism? [2015?]. London: National Autistic Society. 

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Personal Accounts

  • Fleisher, M. (2003) Making sense of the unfeasible: my life journey with Asperger syndrome. London: Jessica Kingsley.
  • Grandin, T. (2012) Different, not less: Inspiring stories of achievement and successful employment. Arlington, TX: Future Horizons Inc.
  • Grayburn, P. (2008) Walking on broken glass. London: Olympia
  • Hammerschmidt, E. (2008) Born on the wrong planet. Shawnee Mission, Kansas: Autism
  • Hughes, P.J. (2007) Reflections: me and planet weirdo. Brentwood: Chipmunka Publishing.
  • Kammer, E. (2007) Discovering who I am: growing up in the sensory world of Asperger syndrome. An autobiography. Inverness: Brandon Press.
  • Lawson, W. (2000). Life behind glass: A personal account of autism spectrum disorder. London: Jessica Kingsley
  • Mitchell, C. (2005) Glass half empty glass half full: how Asperger's syndrome has changed my life. London: Paul Chapman.
  • Willey, L.H. (1999) Pretending to be normal: living with Asperger's syndrome. London: Jessica Kingsley.
  • Wiliams, D. (1994). Somebody somewhere: Breaking free from the world of autism. Michigan, IL: Times Books.

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  • Autism Act (2009). London: HMSO. 
  • Autism Strategy (2013-20) and Action Plan (2013-16) (2013).  Belfast: Northern Ireland Executive. 
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Strategic Action Plan for Wales. (2008). Cardiff: Welsh Government. 
  • Fulfilling and rewarding lives: the strategy for adults with autism in England. (2010). London: Department of Health. 
  • Scottish Strategy for Autism. (2011). Edinburgh: Scottish Government. 

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  • Autism: recognition, referral, diagnosis and management of adults on the autism spectrum. (2012). London: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. 
  • Lai M. , Baron-Cohen S. ( 2015). Identifying the lost generation of adults with autism spectrum conditions. Lancet Psychiatry November, 2(11), pp. 1013-1027.

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Interventions (Treatments, Services and Other Forms of Support)

  • Autism: recognition, referral, diagnosis and management of adults on the autism spectrum. (2012). London: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. 
  • Interventions for adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders. (2012). Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Rockville, MD. 

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  • Asperger United. (Quarterly magazine). London: National Autistic Society. 

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