Resources on Autism

Two adults compiling list This section provides information about a range of organisations, websites, databases, publications about autism.

If you know of any other items we should include in this section, please email info@informationautism.org.

Please note that we reserve the right not to include an item if we feel that it is not appropriate.

  • Autism Organisations. A list of some of the biggest organisations for people with autism, their carers and others.
  • Autism Websites. A list of 1000 plus websites on research into autism and related issues.
  • Autism Portals. A list of websites which provide links to other websites and organisations about autism.
  • Autism Forums. A list of online forums, message-boards and mail-lists about autism.
  • Autism Research. A list of autism research resources
  • Autism Publications. A list of some of the major catalogues of published materials on autism.
  • Autism Journals. A list of some of the most important peer-reviewed journals which cover autism.
  • Personal Accounts A list of personal accounts of living on the spectrum.

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