Alyson Bradley

This is a personal account of what it is like to have Asperger syndrome , from the viewpoint of Alyson Bradley.

Please note that it is a personal view and does not necessarily represent our views.

Diagnosed with Aspergers late in life mother and wife (Dec.07)

When first diagnosed back in July.07 to help come to terms with having Aspergers, I wrote an article regarding awareness of aspergers syndrome and I received so many insightful, informative and supportive emails in response.

It inspired me to build my own web site Aspergers Parallel Planet, as when first diagnosed I had some strange comments like is it a disease, why didn't you tell me before. As for being a disease no its not, it's part of me and who I am. Would it of made a difference knowing, to me yes and it has already helped me to understand so much, but really I'm still the same person.

I soon realized that my real problem with having Aspergers was in fact not being understood by others. So decided to continue writing and hence my web site grew, instead of becoming frustrated and to stop the feeling of being isolated, as no real support was available to me.
Unfortunately have found quite often the so called "normal world" often see us as outsiders and keep us at arm's length.

Since being diagnosed it feels like I am studying for a degree in Autism, it has taken over as I need to know and understand myself. After years of feeling like the outsider, knowing I was different but not knowing why, having to live in your world, but feel happier in mine. Suddenly when diagnosed everything seem to make sense, and at last able for the first time in my life to be my real self.

What I have realized is our symptoms are in fact ourselves Aspergers is just the way I'm wired, we are all different and have different symptoms, on the spectrum or not. The way I now explain things is that NT's (neurotypicals) see and think one way and Aspies (individuals on the autism spectrum) see and think another way and our wires continually get crossed.

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