This is a personal account of what it is like to be diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

Please note that it is a personal view and does not necessarily represent our views.

I am 43 years old and live in Birmingham. I have a twin sister and younger brother. I had a very traumatic birth which resulted in me being resusciated . Which caused me to have balance and co ordination problems. My childhood was very difficult as my father very distant and he critsced me all the time . I was very clumsy and then my anxiety got worse. I struggled at school and college could not keep up with school work. I found making friends really difficult and change made me really stressed. I got glandular fever when i was 15 years and my grand father died of Cancer and i got depression. I have struggled with depression, anxiety and ocd since then. When my son was born  he was very ill and i could not communicate which my husband how i was feeling and with change . I was diagnosed with postnatel depression. My marriage ended when my son was three years old, me and my son came to live with my mum in Birmingham. For years my anxiety, depression and ocd got worse. I had lots of health problems which resulted in me seeing lots of specialists for balance and anxiety.Yet nobody picked up Autism i was treated for anxiety and depression. I am over sensitive to light and noise which makes my anxiety worse. I got diagnosed with Dyslexia a couple of years ago. I continued to have health problems which i would research into i found what was wrong with me. I would spend a lot of time going to the doctors and looking up on the internet for the answers. Then about two years ago i had a support worker who introduced me to a ladies mental health group there i struggled to understand why my conversation had ended and i stormed out of the group because i thought they hadnt listened to me when they had. So the group leader said i have a problem so i researched how to get a diagnosis. I contacted Autism West Midlands and they told what i needed to do. I went with my mother to my gp in May 2014 and she referred me to a specialist for assesment. My gp was concerned about obesession with my health and thought i have Autism.In October 2014 I got diagnosed with Aspergers and Ocd. I am still struggling to accept myself but i have the answers i was looking for and Iwant to overcome depression. My hopes are for me to go to college get qualifications and in the future to work. I do not have any help with my Aspergers and i get very lonely and do not have many friends. I hope that i will accept myself and live a full and rewarding life. I hope this helps others struggling with their diagnosis. Thank you Anna

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03 May 2022