Julia Gadiner

This is a personal account of what it is like to have Asperger syndrome, from the viewpoint of Julia Gardiner

Please note that it is a personal view and does not necessarily represent our views.

I have aspergers and my days are spent indoors everyday.

I have difficulty with cooking so my mom does all my cooking.

I find it difficult making friends because i can't communicate properly and find it very hard to talk about things so i tend to talk about football as i know a lot about it, but people do find it irritating me talking about it all of the time.

When i do look at people i find it difficult to know what they are thinking and what they think about me.

I am a season ticket holder at birmingham city football club, i love my football very much , i think i know most things about football as i like to learn and read things all about it, i even collect stickers and sticker albums.

When i go out to the football my day starts off with my mom doing me a cooked breakfast as i can't do that, then i get dressed then my mom does my laces and my hair.

I can't do my laces or my hair as i have coordination problems which isn't nice but i can't do much about it.

When i go out places which isn't often and i see a dog, i panic and get very afraid, i even will go into a road to get away from the dog, i even cross over to the otherside that's how scared i am.

I'm afraid of dogs, spiders, moths, ladybirds, children, some adults, the dark, heights and i don't like loud noises they hurt my ears.

I find people don't understand why i can't do the things i can't do when i can play online games, like wordsearches, jigsaws and that's because i'm used to doing these things as i buy books of wordsearches and can complete an whole book in one day and i love jigsaw puzzles, i love any game. Not all people can do everything some people can do the everyday stuff others can't and some people are good at doing games like me and others can't.

I hope out of this account of me living with aspergers that people and friends of mine will understand me more and i hope that i can understand why i have it as well.

It is very hard living with aspergers as myself others and friends don't know much about it.

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03 May 2022